TowerMetriX looks at Employee Performance Management from a Different Point of View

TowerMetriX is the ideal solution for managing individual progress and performance. Beyond the individual, however, TowerMetriX can easily manage the qualifications, goals and accomplishments for a work group, departmental staff, or an entire organization.

To provide this flexibility and extensibility, TowerMetriX provides three Points of View:

Individual Point of View

Everyone who uses TowerMetriX has a personal point of view where he/she keeps track of personal qualifications, development objectives and individual progress.

Manager Point of View

Leaders review individual staff records and direct their teams efforts through the manager’s point of view. Using this view, a supervisor can make assignments and monitor the progress and performance for the entire team or for a specific individual.

Organizational Point of View

Executives and Human Resource professionals have a unique responsibility to manage the corporate initiatives and set standards for an organization. The TowerMetriX Organizational point of view is designed specifically with these responsibilities in mind.

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