Educate to Comply

Educate for knowledge. Train for skill. Encourage both.
Complying with regulatory requirements isn’t optional.
Mitigate your risk through training.

Educate Productively to Empower Productivity

  • Begin knowledge transfer through efficient onboarding
  • Build a content library specific to your organization
  • Promote continuous learning through course assignments
  • Publish regulatory requirements for all levels of your organization
  • Manage contracts, permits, and other compliance data efficiently

Get Productive with TowerMetriX by –

  • Implementing paperless policy and procedure sign-off for new-hires
  • Delivering courses online
  • Managing continuing education requirements
  • Monitoring required licenses and certifications
  • Automating notifications to keep everyone informed – employee, manager and compliance officers.

TowerMetriX helps you to support professional development and to manage compliance.