see this page Educate to Comply

hop over to this site Educate for knowledge. Train for skill. Encourage both.
Complying with regulatory requirements isn’t optional. Mitigate your risk through training.

Educate Productively to Empower Productivity

  • Begin knowledge transfer through efficient onboarding
  • Build a content library specific to your organization
  • Promote continuous learning through course assignments
  • Publish regulatory requirements for all levels of your organization
  • Manage contracts, permits, and other compliance data efficiently

Get Productive with TowerMetriX by –

  • Implementing paperless policy and procedure sign-off for new-hires
  • Delivering courses online
  • Managing continuing education requirements
  • Monitoring required licenses and certifications
  • Automating notifications to keep everyone informed – employee, manager and compliance officers. TowerMetriX helps you to support professional development and to manage compliance.