Evaluate to Succeed

Evaluate to Succeed

Employees are expected to be productive every day, so why would you wait an entire year to discuss their performance?

Evaluate Productively to Empower Productivity

  • Be mindful of performance every day, not just at review time.
  • Invite contributors to get a true 360° view
  • Recognize and reward outstanding performance
  • Transform the performance review meeting into a proactive planning session

Get Productive with TowerMetriX by –

  • Frequently recording the small as well as the significant contributions an employee makes all year long
  • Gathering and compiling contributor feedback electronically
  • Going Green with paperless evaluations
  • Implementing Merit and Incentive plans to pay for performance
  • Using employee meetings for employee development and career planning

TowerMetriX helps you to set clear expectations and recognize and reward your organization’s talent.